Cryptocurrency GRAM from Pavel Durov. All that is important to know about TON

TelegramThe Open Network has definitely become the most discussed project of 2018, not only in the cryptocurrency market , but also in the whole world. And, although now the hype has subsided a bit, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are still waiting for TON to start, and the question “where to buy Gram?” (In green bold) is still relevant forcryptocurrency forums.

Cryptocurrency Gram Diamond Market

The first messages about TON and Gram

Information that Pavel Durov , the creator of the social network VKontakte and Telegram messenger Pavel Durov with his team is busy developing a cryptocurrency project based on the messenger, appeared on the network on December 21, 2017. This is what the former employee said.Telegram Anton Rosenberg (in bold red).

On January 8, an article appeared in Techcrunch with details about the project being created, and during January Whitepaper and part of the technical documentation of the Telegram Open Network “leaked” into the network. NeitherDurov, no other developers have not publicly confirmed, but have not refuted the accuracy of the information in these documents, which, apparently, were “draft”. But further information from Whitepaper was confirmed indirectly from other sources: competitors spoke about TON, investment blogs and those with whom the Durov team negotiated.

And the project turned out to be extremely ambitious: in fact, TON is a dark one with full functionality of the usual “big” Internet: from remittances to analog torrents and video hosting.

What is the difference between TON and Gram?

Telegram Open Network is the name of the platform as a whole. Gram – “only”cryptocurrencyproject. The coin (in green bold type), which will be used to make money transfers, reward validators (miners) and pay for TON services.

How to hang TON and Gram

What is so special about TON?

In the case of full implementation of all the plans stated in Whitepaper, TON is fully capable of making a revolution. To verify this, just look at the list of services that should be part of the platform:

  • Telegram messenger itself that does not disappear anywhere
  • Telegram Passport is a user identity verification system that guarantees the security of their personal data. Currently already running.
  • A blockchain that provides fast, cheap and efficient transactions, supports smart contracts and additional side-lines for individual tasks.
  • Payment system using this blockchain
  • Own anonymizer and proxy, which is analogous to Tor.
  • Decentralized file storage, working on the principle of torrents.
  • Functionality for creating applications and sites within the TON network – from games and social networks to video hosting sites like Youtube

But it is not enough to declare the impudent project, it is necessary and to have an opportunity to realize it. And this is where the fun begins.

Brothers Tandem Durovhas already shown that he is able to implement the most complex and ambitious tasks. It is foolish to argue with the fact that Pavel is a brilliant entrepreneur and PR man, and Nikolai is a no less brilliant programmer. Yes, and they assembled a team of developers has already proven that they can write code.

Add to this the reputation of a libertarian and a staunch fighter for the idea of ​​digital freedom (which was largely helped by the unsuccessful attempts of the Russian authorities to block Telegram) and the ready audience for future cryptocurrency – 200 million Telegram users. That is a couple of dozen times more than the total number of users and holders of cryptocurrency in the world.

Not surprisingly, Durov managed to convince investors to invest more than $ 1.7 billion in his project during the two closed rounds of the ICO. At that time, ICO Telegram was the largest in history. Only EOS managed to bypass it , but there money was collected all over the world during the year.

So the developers of the “Pavel Durov cryptocurrency” have all the necessary human, intellectual, reputational and financial resources to complete the development, as well as a ready-made audience guaranteeing that the project will be in demand. For cryptorink combination unique.

Gram cost

Unfortunately, there is no officially confirmed Gram cost data. ICO was held behind closed doors, and the minimum investment was $ 20 million, and investors were meticulously selected “in manual mode” – not all millionaires could invest their money. All available information is “plums” of insiders of varying confidence levels, which often contradict each other.

According to data leaked to the network, during the ICO, investors bought Gram at $ 0.36- $ 1.33 . Moreover, the conduct of transactions required significant additional costs, which are not accounted for here.

Analysts’ forecasts regarding the value of the coin after the start of trading vary even more: you can find those who say that Gram will immediately fail and depreciate to zero, and those who predict insane thousands of dollars for a coin as soon as possible. The most weighted forecast is: growth to $ 10- $ 15  for the first couple of days after Gram exited the stock exchanges, and then … It’s pointless to build predictions – too many unpredictable or as yet unknown factors.

Where to buy Gram?

Nowhere. At least for the moment. The developers have not yet turned over the coins on the stock exchanges, investors are still unable to manage their coins either. Without exception, the “grams” that are traded on the stock exchanges today are scam coins that have nothing to do with TON or Durov. Be carefull!

Prospects Gram for 2019

Making predictions about the near future of this coin is extremely difficult and close to fortune telling on the coffee grounds.

  1. We do not know exactly when Gram will go public. Yes, optimists hope for March, but there is no official confirmation of this. Moreover, the release date is determined not only by the technical readiness of the project, but also by the course of negotiations with stock exchanges and regulators, as well as the situation on the crypto market in general: investors can oppose the release of the project during a general decline.
  2. We do not know which services will work from the very start of virtual money, and which will be connected “in the course of the play”. And the demand for coins and their price strongly depends on this. And we don’t know the number of “diamonds” that will be “thrown” to the market first.
  3. We do not know which markets will start trading Gram. Judging by the activity of the developers, the Japanese sites are most likely, but whether this will be the case is unknown. But investors ‘and speculators’ access to currency depends on it.

On the other hand, there is every reason to believe that the yield of coins and the start of trading can be the very push that will again raise interest in cryptocurrency and launch a new growth cycle. Cryptorink needs a serious positive impulse and TON is the best candidate.

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