Mandatory liability insurance.

Liability insurance is caused by the desire to reduce the cost of damages. The object of compulsory liability insurance is considered to be the property interests of the insured, caused by the compensation of the loss to the injured for the damage caused by third parties.

Mandatory liability insurance.

Liability insurance for high-risk sources.

This insurance is mandatory for all vehicle owners. Under the contract concluded, the insurer is obliged for compensation, in insurance cases, to compensate the injured person to health, property or life damage for the amount determined by the contract for insurance. The contract is concluded for a specific period. It is considered to be risky, since it is impossible to estimate in advance the benefit obtained as a result of its implementation. The insurer can not refuse to conclude a contract. In case of unjustified evasion from the fulfillment of the conditions, the policyholder who applied to the insurer has the right to apply to the court for damages caused by the unreasonable refusal. In this context, insurance claims recognize events related to the use of vehicles, resulting in disability, injury or death of the victim, damage to or destruction of property belonging to third parties.

Citizens have the right to conclude an insurance contract, given the seasonality of use of transport. Questions of the justification of certain expenses incurred by the victims under the insurance contract may cause difficulties. For example, hospitalization in a regular hospital or a superior room when paying the maximum amount of insurance does not matter, and when paying an amount far from the maximum, payment is taken into account in the norms of the cost of services of a regular hospital, since expenses are paid only necessary. All additional payments are included in the total reimbursement.

Liability Insurance.

Liability Insurance.

Civil liability is property . The person who caused the damage fully indemnifies the victim. The insurance object is considered to be the contractual or liability of the insured, which has come by law. Administrative, criminal or other liability may be incurred for the damage caused, but the insured will only indemnify for property damage. The owners of enterprises are responsible for causing harm to them as a source of increased danger always, except for actions performed with the victim’s proved intent or under circumstances of insuperable force. A person with respect to whom rights have been violated has the right to demand compensation for both material and non-material benefits, for example, harm to the dignity of an individual.

The amount of payments is determined by the volume of obligations assumed by the insurer, insurance risks , liability limits and insurance period. Industrial liability insurance is very important because of their possible harm to the environment of the area. In view of the occurrence of special situations with payments due to the limitation of the responsibility of an enterprise with particularly dangerous production (chemical substances, thermonuclear waste), the state is also jointly responsible.

Compulsory insurance.

Carrier liability insurance.

Allocate liability insurance under the contract of carriage and for causing harm. The contract for liability insurance specifies a list of all causes of damage or loss of goods, upon the occurrence of which the event relates to the insurance. Insurers recognize legal entities owning transport and carrying out with its help of cargo transportation and transportation of passengers in a formal manner. The insured event is a documented event that caused the previously determined damage to third parties. In other words, the basis for their claim for reimbursement to the insured. The amount of the insurance payment is established by the insurer in coordination with the insured and beneficiary, taking into account all the official claims of the victims specified in the act of the insured event, consequences of damage and confirmation of expenses incurred. Limits for each case and the amount of claims can be set.

Professional liability insurance.

With its help, the material interests of victims of inaction or actions of the insured, performing his professional duties, are protected. The insured is thus exempt from the costs caused by the loss caused by his fault, as well as his financial interests are protected. The risk of liability insurance conditions are not covered, and the occurrence of the insured event determines the qualifications of the person carrying out the activity. it is recognized after the court decision that entered into force. Liability insurance – damage insurance. But, if theoretically the liability of the insured is not limited to anything, then the cover is strictly limited in nature, which does not always provide full compensation for the amount of damages.

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